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Марсель Гонсалес "Вивамикс"

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Вспоминаем и делимся записями этой программы у кого есть.





Mo'Horizons - Yes Baby Yes (Sally Said)
Towa Tei - Technova
Chris Joss - I'm So Electric
Mr Scruff - Here We Go
Thievery Corporation - The State of the Union
Freedom Satellite - Dubalicious
Miles Davis - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Sweet Robots Against The Machine - Sampling Principle
Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band - Nikita
Intuit - O Preguicoso (New Version)
Gerardo Frisina - Mas Eu Quer
Thievery Corporation - Liberation Front
Brazilified - Soul Quality Quartet
Mr Scruff - Beyond (feat Seaming To)
Big Bang - Ping Pong
Nuspirit Helsinki - Skydive
Bonobo - The Shark
Baby Mammoth - And I'll See You

Solid Steel (DK)

Revolvo - Day's Ending
High Contrast - Global Love
Quarteto Em Cy/Tamba Trio - Agua De Beber
High Contrast - Return Of Forever (John B Mix)
Recloose - Ain't Changing (Carl Craig Mix)
Ray Baretto - Soul Drummers
Mains Ignition - Jonesadocious
A Certain Ratio - Do The Du
Dj Format - Last Bongp In Brighton
White Label - Ski Oakenfull Remix
Fourtet - I'm On Fire




просто отл.хаус:
Liquid People - Too Much Love
Mazi aka Audio Soul Project - Be There
Paul Johnson - Go Crazy
Loving Paris - Loco (house mix) Virgin De la Macarena в очередном ремиксе,   
The Knockheadz - Rok Da Place
Top Cat - I Need a Freak (Moloko mix)
Rick Wade - Hustlers Groove
The Knockheadz - Kito Kito

детройт текно, текхаус:
Red Planet - Particle Shower
Strings of Life 2002 (Rhythm is Rhythm)
Deetron - Batuque
Glowing Glisses - Shaked Ladies
Ian Pooley - не помню, одна из старых.
System 7/Derrick May - Altitude (mayday mix)
System 7/Derrick May - Big Sky City (Above The Clouds mix)
не помню - та же фигня (оч. хор. детройт-электро)

H.C.M. - For Amelie (проект А.Кубикова и М.Милютенко. В гостях у Вивамикса 10.11.02)
Peace Orchestra - Domination (классика жанра)
Bent - Beautiful Otherness (красивый трэк с нового альбома)
Akufen - Skidoos
Dan Curtin - Spaceman (Recloose rmx)
Rubin Steiner - Tango
Flunk - Blue Monday (римейк знаменитой песни New Order)
Гришковец и Бигуди - Пробки (Е.Гришковец и проект Бигуди)




Khan - Say Goodbye (She's Homeless Mix)
The Dark Corner - Acid Babies
Max Hyber - Visual Reality (Orig.)
Teddy G - Zis Is Not a Rap Song
Matthias Schaffhauser - Hey Little Girl (Extended Blue Mix)
Hanna - Beatiful Love
Не помню
Soul Mekanik Invents Ben E Lux - If U Nu
Orbit Starz - Catch The Starz
Dryer - Lovena
Science 2103 - At Last I Am Free (Dub)
Sunday Brunch - No Resistance

Miles Davis - If I Were A Bell
Organic Audio - Organic Monday /Organic Audio`s debut album /
Анкноун - Анкноун [Freedom Sattelite rmx)
Menu B - Morgam (dZihan & Kamien's shhhh... rmx)
Briskey - Lovelier Without Make-Up
Mouse on Mars - Mykologics
Gabin - It Don't Mean a Thing
I-Cube - Adore
Orbit Experience - Orbit In Moskow
Moloko - Lotus Eaters (Fila Brasilia rmx)
Monte La Rue - Bienvenue

2LP Asthmatic Worm (V/A)
Gotan Project - El Capitalismo Foraneo
не помню
Doctor Rockit - Cafe De Flore




All Good Funk Alliance - Conga Sunrise
Jussi-Pekka - Breeze (Dessous)
Harlem Zip Code - track 2 (Paper)
Future Rhythm Foundation - Jazzicorsa (Paper)

SCSI-9 (А.Кубиков/М.Милютенко)
Back Too
Elastyc (voice vers.)
Help Me

SCSI-9 - Digital Summer
Hakan Lidbo - Overnight (mhr0069)
Senor Coconut - Electrolatino (Multicolor)
The Mighty Quark - This Dream (Play)
Rocket - People (Jeno Stormy Weather Mix) (NRK)
Unknown - Unknown (Jaxx)
Derrick L. Carter - Squaredancing In a Rounhouse (Classic)
Mr Scruff - Sweet Smoke (Ninja Tune)

NuSpirit Helsinky - Circular Motion (Guidance)   
All Good Funk Alliance - Next Next
Burnt Frideman & The Nu Dub Players - Fuck Back EP (Nonplace)




Hakan Lidbo - Shake What Your Mama Gave You (Moon Harbour)
Marc Moulin - Tenor (Blue Note)
Derrick L. Carter - The Hollow Clash Of Marionettes (Classic)
Martinez - Nocturnal Mood (Guidance)
Jussi-Pekka - Overnight (Dessous)
Atjazz - It's Complete (rmx)
Rocket - People (Nrk) 
Unk - Now (N)
Octave One - unknown (430 West)
Roy Davis Jr. - Rockshock

Mr Scruff & Mark Rae - How Sweet It Is
Tommy Guerrero - Come Together (Azuli)
Lemon Jelly - Spacewalk (XL/Impotent Fury)

Nu Tropic - Moonlight (Compost)
Fragment Orchestra - The Rabbit (Schema)
Nuspirit Helsinki -  Hard Like a Rock (Guidance)
Amon Tobin - Hey Blondie (Ninja Tune)
Funki Porcini - New Dope (Ninja Tune)
Biosphere - Le Grand Dome (Touch)
Бобов - Урлы-Мурлы (Первая Студия)

Homelife - Fruit Machine (Ninja Tune)
Matthew Herbert - The Audience (K7)
Khan - Say Goodbye (Orig.) (Playhouse)
не помню
Marc Moulin - Tenor (rmx) (Blue Note)
Hakan Lidbo - Overnight (Moon Harbour)




Dublex Inc - Tango Forte (Telemark rmx)(Pulver)
Visit Venus - The Big Tilt (Yo Mama Records)
Peace Orchestra - Meister Petz (Beanfield rmx)(G-Stone)
Seelenluft - Manila (Klein)
Roots Manuva - Yellow Submarin (white)

The Herbaliser - Sensual Women (Ninja Tune)
Thievery Corporation - Meu Destino (18 Street)
Aim - What Do People Do All Day (Grand Central)
Chris Joss - I'm So Electric (La Douce)
Dzihan & Kamien - Dundadeova (Six Degrees)
The Funky Lowlives - Saturn Return (Stereo Deluxe)

Sky Juice pts Infinite - Distant Plateau (Sky Juice Schizoid Club Mix) (Wave)
Yonderboy - Pabadam (Paul Legere Mix)(Mole Listening Pearls)
unknown - unknown (Afroart)
Mateo & Matos - Afrosax (Large)

The Dining Rooms - M. Dupont (Guidance)
Dabrye - Evelyn (EastDev)
Marcel feat Anorganik - Underwater Blues (Mole Listening Pearls)
Bent - Beautiful Otherness (Sport)
Vert - Original Oddstep (Wargram)

Rocket - People (Rob Mello's No Ears Mix) (NRK)
SCSI-9 - Digital Summer (Forcetracks)
Sunday Brunch - My World (Night Drive mix) (Svek)
Swag - Higer Purchase (Atjazz rmx) (Sub:strata)

Soulphiction - Get It Right 2 (Perlon)
Alexander East - Tears (Swirl People rmx) (Black Jack)
Paul Johnson - Good Time (Moody)
Derrick L. Carter - Squaredancing In a Rounhouse (Classic)




Deadbeats - Funky For You (2020 D Vision)
Dabrye - You Know The Formula Right? (Eastern Developments)
Allessandro Oliviero - Gravy (R.02)
9 Lazy 9 - Take Nine (Ninja Tune)
Nickodemus - Cleopatra in New York (Pschent)

Aphrohead - I Know You're It (Disko B)
DJD - The Flow (Paper)
Bebel Gilberto - So Nice (Derrick L. Carter rmx) (Crammed)
Creative Soul - I Promise You (Audio Expression)
Dj Tvyks & Hakan Lidbo - Norr/Vychod (Paper)

Mike Flowers Pops - Light My Fire (London Records)
DJ Cam - Also Sing For Anamaria (Life Enhancing Audio)
Rise Ashen - Torn (Blisom mix) (Compost)
Avril - Double Mind (F-Comm)
The Amalgamation of Soundz - Phuture Soundz (Compost)

Copy Cutters - Sub Topic (Flower Grooves)
Mark Broom & Baby Ford - Ambo (Alter Ego mix) (Klang Electronik)
Convextion - Spice Tea (Down Low)
Senor Coconut y Su Conjunto - Showroom Dummies (Marcus Nikolai rmx) (Multycolor?)

Funki Porcini - The Big Sea (Ninja Tune)
Jaga Jazzist - Going Down (Smaltown Supersound)
Cinematic Orchestra - Burn Out (Ninja Tune)

The Mighty Quark - Inspiration Soul (Play)
Phil Asher - Marvin Is One (Versatile)
International Pony - A New Bassline For Jose (Jackmate rmx) (Columbia)
SCSI-9 - Digital Summer (Forcetracks)




Guem_Les Percussions Africaines - Unknown (Follow Me)
Papa Washington Trio - Trio De Janeiro (Paper)
Ivan Iacobucci - Pria Negra (Nitegrooves)
Dirty Sole - Skattered Jazz (Classic)
Stacy Kidd - Soul Funk (Dust Traxx)

Mr Scruff - Jazz Potato (Ninja Tune)
Unknown - Unknown (Unknown)
Plastyc Buddah - String Vibe (Life Enhancing Audio)
Search - Cougar (DJ Cam rmx)(Lacerba)
Migs & Jelly - Dub Selecta (Stereo Deluxe)

Kraftwerk - Expo 2000 (Orbital rmx)(Astralwerks)
New Order - Confusion (Larry Tees Electroclash Mix)(Whacked)
Justus Kohncke - Was Ist Musik (Kompakt)
Wessling & Schrom - Fade To Grey (Decomposed Subsonic Mix)(Boxer)

Tommy Guerrero - Come Together (Azuli)
Gotan Project - Last Tango in Paris (Ya Basta!)
Samson - Fire (Estereo)
Hint - You Little Trooper (Hombre/Ninja Tune)

Tetris - Bye Bye Baby (Снегири)
Needs presents Laurentius - Over The Sea (E:motion)
Vincenzo - What Am I Gonna Do (E:motion)

Marvin Dash - Friday Night With Burt Reynolds (Stir15)
Chelonis R.Jones - Dub Mix (Physical)
Unknown - All Hands On Deck (Neurhythmics)
Dryer - Lovena (Klang)




Majik J & Soane - Vivo En Rio (Paper)
Ciudad Feliz - Cosmopolita (KW France)
Identity Crisis - Never Let You Down (Lap Dance) 
unknown - unknown

Natural Rhythm - We All Got Soul (Vista)
International Pony - Superyou (Sony)
Green Fridge - Da Best (Laws Of Motion)
72nd Deep Strict - Space Lady (Kifsa)

Steve D - Red Fever (Recycled Loops)
Sare Muratore - Belmondo (Eukatech)
One Dead Jedi - Already Dead (Eukabreaks)

Groove Armada - Superstylin' (Guidance)
Troublemakers - Get Misunderstood (Jori Hulkkonen rmx)(PIAS)
Julius Papp - The Awakening (Large US)
Hakan Liddbo - Early Riser (Fiji)

Flunk - Blue Monday (Jori Hulkkonen rmx) (Guidance)
Glowing Glisses - On The Bridge (Larry Heards Dub) (Dessous)
Unknown - Unknown
Frankman - Sunday Memories (Moon Harbour)

Waldeck - Cat People (Mushroom Dive's Danger Cat) (Dope Noir)
Unknown - Unknown
Truby Trio feat. Joseph Malik - High Jazz (Nicola Conte rmx) (Compost)
Dan X - Jazz In The Park (G-Swing)




Dubcity Fanatikz - Startoff (unknown)
Landslide - Drum & Bossa (OM Records)
Teruo Nakano - Computer Love (EMI)
Asian Dub Foundation - 19 Rebellions (unknown)

I Shead - So Fresh (Sexy Toys)
Majik J & Soane - Saxy Beast (Paper)
Natural Rhythm - Havin' Fun (Vista)
The Dark Corner - Acid Babies (LHB)
Den Hetrix - One Day (Wok Institue rmx) (Hussle)
Naomi - Syndicate (Mole)
Massive Attack - Protection (Virgin)
Makis Ablianitis - Sky Colours (Stereo Deluxe)

Massive Attack - What Your Soul Sings
72nd Deep Strict - To The East My Brother (Kif SA)
Hakan Lidbo vs. Laid - Spinnin' (Primary)

DJ Cam - Soulshine (Advance)
Tetris - Penguin's Island (унрелизд)
Tosca - Orozco (Dubphonic mix) (G-Stone)
Rae & Christian Feat. Kate Rog - unknown
Tetris - ...Are So Beautiful (унрелизд)

Metro Area feat Earland Oye - Ghost Trains (vocal)(Source)
Wessling & Schrom - Fade To Grey (Decomposed Subsonic mix)(Brooks)
Frankman - Sunday Memories (Moon Harbour)
Martin Landsky - He's Gone (Poker Flat)




Al-pha-x - Hojar (Bar De Lune)
Е. Гришковец и Бигуди - Слеза (Real)
Nickodemus - Desert Dancer (Rhythmlove)
Asian Dub Foundation - Dhol Rinse
Thievery Corporation - Facing East (18 Street)

Bee Gees - Night Fever
Marlow - Exposed (Moon Harbour)
I:shead - So Fresh ep (Sexy Toys)
Mateo & Matos - Afrisax (Large)

Е.Гришковец и Бигуди - Город (Real)
Хироу Сити Муверс - For Amelie (не издана)
Тетрис - Last Drop (не издана)

Ракета - Колыбельная Медведицы
Limbo Experience - Illusion (orig)(Costes)
Dan x - Six'o Clock Hop (G-Swing)
Ciudad Feliz - Cosmopolita (KW)
Shpongle - Saudade pt.II (Interchill)
Radar - Distance
Massive Attack - Antistar
Kanun - Sound Simulator
Christophe Goze - Ja Vidi

International Pony - I Wanna Cry Like a Wolf (Sony)
Chelonis R.Jones - One & One (Physical Music)
Green Fridge Music - Da Best (Laws of Motion)
Atjazz - Day 2001 (Loop rmx)
Benjamin Wild - Frosch (Forcetracks




22:00 - 23:00
Dirty Sole - Skattered Jazz (Dan's Dirty Skat Dub) (Classic)
Nils Hess - Alcohol Is My Favorite (Eukahouse) 
Junction - Skunkmuzic (Atlantic Jaxx)
Glowing Glisses - Shaked Ladies (Poker Flat)

Caia - Magic Dragon ep#2 (Diversions)
P'taah - Staring At The Sun (670 Million MPH) (Ubiquity)
Aflex Combo - Latin Thing (Perfect Toy)
Mr Scruff - Ahoy There! (Ninja Tune)

Glowing Glisses - On The Bridge (Larry Heards Club) (Dessous)
City Dreams - Awaiting The Sun (Metamorphic)
Den Hetrix - One Day (General Electrik's 12 Inch Flute) (Hussle)
Markus Guenter - Operating System (Ware) 

Atom - Pole vs Pentatonic Surprise (Mobilй)
Martin Landsky - Mission Upskirt (Poker Flat)
SCSI-9 - Digital Summer (Forcetracks)
Kiki - Revelation (B Pitch Control)
Red Planet - Pow Wow (Fancy Dancer rmx) (Red Planet)
J-P Paprikka - Tekha (Duet rmx)
Marvin Dash трэк с LP "Model Turned Programmer" (Stir15)
Maurizio - Domina (Basic Channel) 

Top Cat - I Need a Freak (Aux 88)
Junction - Wercomputa (Atlantic Jaxx)
Cabaret Voltaire - Sex, Money, Freaks (rmx)
Steve Bug - Shake The Funk
New Order - Confusion (acapella)
Smart Alex - Specialy Hot (Eukahouse)




:zoviet * france - Amber (Soleilmoon)
Shantel - Bass And Several Cars (Studio !K7)
Soulstice - Wind (Fila Brazillia Mix) (Om)
Peace Orchestra -  Double Drums (DJ DSL rmx)(G-Stone)
dZihan & Kamien - Ay Ay Ay (Guidance)
Nightmares on Wax - Ethnic Major (Matador)

Ciudad Feliz - I'll Be Here For You (KW)
Chelonis R.Jones - One & One (Physical)
Free Soul - Superdude (Primary)   
David Duriez pts The Circle Theory - My Funk ep (Ryzms)
I:Shead - So Fresh ep (Sexy Toys)

Nightmares On Wax - Nights Introlude (Warp)
DJ Cam - Sang Lien Featuring Ben (Sony)
Fragile State - The Fact & The Dreams (Bar de Lune)
Llorca -- The End (Silky Megasoft Dub) (F Comm)
Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Arista)

Eerik & Advard - Shimmer ep (Raw Fusion Sweden;-)
P'taah - Staring At The Sun (Atjazz rmx)(Ubiquity)
*сорри*, рили *сорри*

Caia - Subway Freedom (DIY Diversions)
Cutty Ranks - The Stopper (Dorfmeister's Full Moon 6 Live Dub)(Guidance)
International Observer - London (Guidance)
The Strike Boys - Cocaine Is A Sin (Costes)
International Pony - A New Bassline For Jose (Jackmate rmx)(Sony?)
Sunday Brunch - My World (Svek)
Mike Binary - Signature (Neurhythmics)
Frankman - Sunday Memories (Moon Harbour)
Waldeck - Cat People (rmx)




Л.О.Утесов - Утомленное Солнце
Mr Scruff & Quantic - It's Dancing Time (Ninja Tune)
Rubin Steiner - Tango (Platinum)
Tosca - Wonderful(!K7)
Tongue - Notion (Octopus)
Allgood Funk Alliance - Conga Sunrise (Wha)
Banda Black Rio - Magio Do Prezer (Faze Action rmx) (Mr.Bongo)

Dubtribe Sound System - Do It Now (Defected)
Cuica - Cuidado (Beats) (Ubiquity)
Jeff Samuel - You Like? (Residual)
Natural Rhythm - Why Must I Feel This Way (Vista)
Arthur Baker vs. 20/20 Vision - Different Styles (Peace Bisquit)
X-Press 2 - Supasong (Soul Mekanik rmx) (Skint Style)

Metro Area feat Earland Oye - Ghost Trains (Source)
Further - Good Times..? (Splinter mix) (LoFi)
Sunday Brunch - My World (Night Drive) (Svek)
Frankman - Sunday Memories (Moon Harbour)

Tosca - Every Day & Every Night (!K7)
Dub Syndicate - Dubbing Is a Must (Lion & Root)
Tosca - Oscar (!K7)
Thievery Corporation - Liberation Front (ESL Music)
Uptight Productions - Get Uptight Man (Guidance)
Troublemakers - Electrorloge (Guidance)
Count Basic - Gotta Jazz (BMG)
Hefner - An Evening With Hefner (X:treme)




Calm - People from the Sun and the Earth (Dixon rmx)(Wave)
Lowrise - 21st Century Blues (Charles Webster rmx)
dZihan & Kamien - After (Atjazz rmx)(Couch)
Moizee - ??? (???)

Psycho On Da Bus - Push Your Mind...(Comet)
Nightmares On Wax - Finer (Warp)
Funky Lowlives - Inside (G-Stone)
Substanz T - Unite (Zoomshot Media Entertainment)
Tosca - Oscar (!K7)

Martin Brew - I Can Do My Thing (Fat City)
The Groove Essentials - ??? (Funky Chocolate)
Arthur Baker vs. 20/20 Vision - Different Styles(Peace Bisquit)
The Knockheadz - Kito Kito (Lab-Rok)

Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher? (Warp)
Mr Scruff - Mexicanos (Ninja Tune)
Underworld - Two Months Off (JBO)

The Mighty Quark - Reasons To Love (Play)
Sunday Brunch - Night Mix (Svek)
Hakan Lidbo - Wait For Me (Fiji)
Internatonal Pony - A New Bassline...(Jackmate rmx)(Sony)
X-Press 2 - Supasong (Soul Mekanik rmx) (Skint Style)

Herbert - I'll Still Do It (!K7)
Quantic - Search the Heavens (Tru Thoughts)
Cujo-Superstars of Rock - *** (***)




Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (Moonbootica rmx)(Super *)
Sare Muratore - Belmondo (Eukatech)
Junction - Get Yo Dam Hands Up (Atlantic Jaxx)   
Arthur Baker - Do It Like This!! (Peace Bisquit)

Fututer - Homosapiens (?)
Takako Minekawa - Milk Rock (Cornelius rmx)(Emperor Norton)
S.R.A.T.M. - The End Of A Love Affair (E.W.J./Akashic)
Lamb - B Line (The Herbaliser rmx)(Fontana) 
Tosca - Rolf Royce (!K7)
Easy Life Natural - Keeps The Mind Active (Juice)

Bagatelle - 23rd Street (Follow Me)   
I:cube - Disco Cubism (Daft Punk rmx)(Versatile) 
Mateo & Matos - Gotta Find Myself (Large) 

Sven Van Hees - Flute Salad (Naked Music)
Soulstance - Theme from Abbadesse's Street (Kriztal)
The Herbaliser - Mr Holmes (Ninja Tune)
Lamb - Gabriel (Warner)
Kinobe - Slip Into Something More Confortable(Pepper)

The Orb - Gee Strings (Kompakt)
Those Norwegians - Toons (Terry Lee Brown Jr. rmx)(Red Melon)
Takayuki Higo - Freedom World (Wally's Groove World)

Coldcut - Panopticon (Ninja Tune)
Octave One - Blackwater (430 West)
HD Substance - Until Sex (Consigned)




Derrick Carter - Rhythm Machine (Classic)
Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (Moonbootica rmx)(Superstar)
Gladio - Calligula (Bunker)
Wessling & Schrom - Fade To Grey (Big Chief Electric rmx)(Boxer)

Luke Vibert - Slipped Disk (Ninja Tune)
Up, Bustle & Out - African Frienship (Ninja Tune)
Mr Scruff - Fish (Ninja Tune)
Диджей Вадим - Variations In USSR (Reflection mix)(Нинджа)

Wild Magnolias - Battlefield (Joe Claussell rmx)(SL Music)
Frogsnatcher - Dream Rabbit (Afroart)
Ivan Iacobucci - Pria Negra (Nitegrooves)

The Modernairs - Plateau Culture (Modernism)
72nd Deepstrict -  Space Lady (Kifsa)
Bagatelle - So Sexy (Follow Me) 

Natural Rhythm - We All Got Soul (Vista)
Harlem Zip Code - Track 1 (Paper)
The Knockheadz - Rok Da Place (Lab-Rok)
All Good Funk Alliance - Foto Shoot (Wha?)

International Pony - Leaving Home (Akufen mix)(Sony)
Rework - You Are So Just Just (Playhouse)
Those Norwegians - Toons (Red Melon)
Flunk - Blue Monday (Jori Hulkonen rmx)(Guidance)
Khan - Say Goodbye (She's Homeless mix)(Playhouse)





James Brown - Payback (Fatboy Slim rmx)(Hip-O)
Iz & Diz - Mouth (Greens Keepers rmx)(Classic)
Losoul - Overland (Playhouse)
Mr Scruff - Get A Move On (Ninja Tune)
Metro Area - Caught up (Environ)
Touch - Love Hangover (BBE)
Dschinghis Khan - Moscow, Moscow (Jupiter)
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra (Emperor Norton)
Depeche Mode vs New Order - Strangelove Triangle (DJ 7Up rmx)(white)
S-Express - Theme From S-Express (Central Station)
Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Columbia)

Kid Loco - Grand Love Theme (Yellow Productions)
dZihan & Kamien - Just You & I (Couch)
Nightmares On Wax - Трэк с LP "Smokers Delight" (Warp)
De-Phazz - Information (Mole Listening Pearls)

Limbo Experience - Illusion (Yellow Productions)
City Dreams - Awaiting The Sun (Metamorphic)
The Modernairs - Plateau Culture (Debonairs mix)(Modernism)
Dirty Sole - Skattered Jazz (Classic)
Majic J & Soane - Saxy Beast (Paper)

Новые Композиторы - Ля'мур (*)
Problem Kids - S'alright (Crazy Penis Mix)(Paper) 
Dublex Inc - Tango Forte (Pulver)
Truby Trio feat Joseph Malik - High Jazz (Nicola Conte rmx)(Compost)

HD Substance - Wet (Consigned)
Martin Landsky - Mission Upskirt (Pokerflat)
Hakan Lidbo - Allergic (Audio Beyond)     
Titonton & Fabrice - Chimay Shimmy (Residual)

Glowing Glisses - On The Bridge (Larry Heards After Dark Dub)(Dessous)
George Levin - (I Got) Somebody New (Brooks Dance)(Recreation) 
Frankman - Sunday Memories (Moon Harbour)




Caulfield - Glam (Diaet)
Metro Area - Orange Alert (Source)
FC Kahuna - Machine Says Yes (Tiga rmx)(City Rockers) 
Depeche Mode - People (club)(T09) 
Christopher Just - Deft (Cheap)

Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band - A Special Morning(Emperor Norton)
Гришковец и Бигуди - Пробки-Буги (Real)
Alex Cortiz - No Strings Attached (Swirl)
Jimi Tenor - Let The Music (Kitty-Yo)
Dj Krush - But The World Moves On (Red Ink)

Shawn Ward - Mood Switch (DIY Discs)
Mimosa & DJ Pedro - Funky Sexy Thing (Soulgroove)
Bebel Gilberto - So Nice (Derrick Carter rmx)(EastWest)

Jason Moran - Planet Rock (Blue Note)
St. Germain - Easy To Remember (Blue Note)
Irfane - Just A Little Lovin' (???)
Nicola Conte - Jazz Pour Dadine (Schema/Fez)
Briskey - Lovelier Without Make-Up (Downsall)

All Good Funk Aliance - Party Over Here (Aroma)
Roy Davis Jr. - Rockshock (Roule)
International Pony - Superyou (Sony)
Metro Area - Dance Reaction (Source)
Atjazz - Day 2001 (Brooks rmx) (Mantis) 
Andrea Parisy - Laisee Tomber Les Tabous (Panatomic)

Red Snapper - Odd Man Out (Lo)
Buelent - To Me (Stereo Deluxe)
Jaga Jazzist - Made For Radio (Ninja Tune)
Gotan project meets Chet Baker - Round About Midnight (Ubiquity)




Blue Boy - Funky Friday (Guidance)
Hakan Lidbo - Bad Clams (Lace)
Groove Armada - My Friend (Swag's "Good Buddy" rmx)(Pepper)
Нож Для Frau Muller - Анатомия Любви (Легкие)

Coldcut - Space Journey (Ninja Tune)
Mr.Scruff - Shrimp (Ninja Tune)
Tosca - Wonderful (feat. Earl Zinger)(!K7)
Samson - Fire (Reel People's Fire Up Dub)(Estereo)
Julius Papp - The Awakening (Large)

Jimi Tenor - Wiping Out (Warp)
Aaron Neville - Hercules (Mercury)
Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde (ESL)

Curtis Hope - Biology (Sensei)
Rocket - People (Jeno Stormy Weather Mix)(NRK)     
Pawel Kobak - This Time (rmx)(Lace) 
I:Shead - So Fresh (Sexy Toys)

Boozoo Bajou - Bakar (Stereo Deluxe)
Tosca - Oscar (!K7)
Rita - Erotica (Panatomic)
Cutty Ranks - The Stopper (RD Dub)(Guidance)
Kid Loco - She's My Lover (Yellow Productions)

SCSI-9 - Digital Summer (Force Tracks)
Metro Area - Orange Alert (DFA rmx)(Source)
Repeat Orchestra - Blackpool (A Touch Of Class)




dZihan & Kamien - Sliding (Couch)
All Good Funk Alliance - Party Over Here (rmx)(Aroma)
Poker -I’m Moving On (Audio Soul Project rmx)(Eukahouse)
Magik Johnson - The Funk (NRK)

That Black - 9 Nooze (Citadel)
Abraham - Magpie (Morgan Geist rmx)(V2 Music)
LTJ Bukem - Moodswings (Good Looking)

Gabin - Azul Anil (?)
Shawn Ward - Mood Switch EP (DIY Discs)
Afro Deep - Pusher (Spacecraft)
Nile - To Sir With Love (Attaboy's "Phat Scat" mix)(Unknown)

Fauna Flash - Mother Nature (dZihan & Kamien rmx) (Compost)
All Good Funk Alliance - Duke (Bear Entertainment)
Mr. Scruff - Come On Grandad (Ninja Tune)
Tosca - Rolf Royce (!K7)
See-I - Why Not Tonight? (Guidance)

Alex Gopher - Ralph & Cathy (Solid)
Random Factor - A Broken Mirror (David Duriez mix)(Brique Rouge)
Arthur Baker Vs 20/20 Vision - Diferent Styles (Peace Bisquit)
Fufu - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (white)
FC Kahuna - Machine Says Yes (Tiga rmx)(City Rockers)
International Pony - A New Bassline For Jose (Jackmate rmx)(Sony)
Depeche Mode - People Are People (rmx)(white)

Funky Transport - Vice (Playhouse)
Christopher Just - Roppongi Street (Cheap)
Dub Taylor - Sleeping Girl (Forcetracks)





Alex Reece - Jazz Master (Kruder & Dorfmeister mix)(Flex)
The Lithium Project - Passo Fundo (DUKE92DJV)
Nicola Conte - Bossa Per Due (ESL)
Stereo Action Unlimited - Hi-Fi Trumpet (Ya Basta!)
De-Phazz - Jeunesse Doree (Universal)

Thunderball - Vai Vai (ESL)
Aquarius Y Luiz Antonio - Agua De Beber (Compost)
Streetlife Originals - A Sidewalk Stories (Paper)
Butti 49 - Kalas (Guidance)
The Dining Rooms - Existentialism (Milano Bossa mix)(Schema)
Clan Greco - Avenida (Irma)

S Tone Inc. - In The Mood For Bossa (Schema)
Greyboy - Mastered The Art (Nicola Conte mix)(Ubiquity)
Intuit - O Preguicoso (Compost)
Soulstice - Tenderly (Om)
The Gentle People - The Soundtrack of Life (Rephlex)
Moodorama - Sinzing Sunset Boulevard (Stereo Deluxe)


Gerardo Frisina - Zambele (Schema)
Zero Db - The Snare (Fluid Ounce)
Iz & Diz - Love It Dub It (Silver Network)
Marcel - Solitudo 3 (Earth)

Dabrye - You Know The Formula Right? (Eastern Developments)
St. Germain - Sure Thing (Blue Note)
La Funk Mob - Ravers Suck Our Sound (Mo'Wax)
Tosca - Chocolate Elvis (G-Stone)
Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (4th & Broadway)
The Funky Lowlives - Inside (G-Stone)

Mr Scruff - Beyond (feat Seaming To) (Ninja Tune)
Big Bang - Ping Pong (Arision)
Nuspirit Helsinki - Skydive (Guidance)
Bonobo - The Shark (Tru Thoughts)
Baby Mammoth - And I'll See You (Pork)



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